• 20th August 2021

Code-Server - taking the home office to the outside

While working from home is nice and all, I wanted to level up my home office experience to allow me to work from basically anywhere, without having too many compromises. And because using my Dell XPS 13 would have been too easy of a choice, I challenged myself to use an iPad instead.

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  • 23rd July 2020

Arch Linux - it's really not that complicated

This is a step by step installation documentation on how I install Arch Linux on my Dell XPS 13 (9370) - my primary work setup. This is quite opinionated (e.g. f2fs root partition) and not applicable on every machine out there. But perhaps a rough guideline on how to easily install Arch Linux nonetheless.

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  • 1st March 2020

Giving Clear Linux a try

After over a year of exclusively using Arch Linux on my work laptop, the distro hopping itch has gotten the better of me and I decided to give [Clear Linux]( a try. And since I don't do half arsed things, I wiped my disk and used Clear Linux as my main distro... at least for a while.

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