Go Snake - Having a little fun

  • 4th May 2024
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  • 1 min read
  • Last updated on 4th May 2024

The Game

The game is a super simplistic version of the good ol' snake, written with the Go game engine Ebitengine and compiled to WebAssembly, so you can enjoy it in its full glory right from this blog post.

Some hot-keys:

  • <Arrow keys> - Navigate the snake
  • <Esc> - Pause the game
  • <r> - Restart the game
  • <w> - Toggle walls on/off (only if you have 0 points)

P.S. You have to first click on the visible game area for the input keys to work.


It's really nothing fancy, but as someone who primarily learns by doing, it's a cool little project to hack on and get familiar with some Go concepts. Feels almost like high school again when I was first introduced to Java and programming in general and I started emulating some tiny games.